Epigraphy.info IX workshop in Aarhus

The ninth Epigraphy.info workshop will take place in Aarhus (Denmark) in the spring 2025 (late March/early April). The workshop will be hosted by the Past Social Network Project, Department of History and Classical Studies, Aarhus University, supported by the Center for Humanities Computing, Aarhus University.

The workshop traditionally brings together all researchers and enthousiasts of digital epigraphy to discuss the current trends and issues of the discipline. This year, the focus will be given to networking and building the epigraphic links and relationships in a broad sense, with an option for focused training in the application of Social network analysis in epigraphy.

The meeting will include presentations, poster session, as well as training sessions and meetings / hackathons of the working groups. We welcome any proposals for meeting activities - an official call for activities will be circulated in the second half of 2024. The meeting will be planned as an in-person event but with option to attend and discuss some parts of the programme remotely.

We are very excited to see you in the happiest city in the world (according to the Happy City Index in 2024).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Epigraphy.info Steering Committee (info@epigraphy.info).

On behalf of the Steering Committee and the local organisers,

Petra Hermankova