The Working Group is tasked to ‘clean-up’ vocabularies created by the EAGLE Europeana project between 2013 and 2015. An informal working group was established during the 5th workshop in November 2020 and continues its work in 2021.

The EAGLE vocabularies themselves are unfinished and incomplete (for multiple reasons, including resources and the extent of community participation beyond the epigraphy of the Roman Empire), and a fully developed set of community data standards, applicable to all ancient epigraphic cultures, is now required as a pre-requisite to any successful integration into the web of data using the framework prototyped by EpiOnt (for details see the Ontology Working Group page).

Active members

  • Chiara Cenati
  • Mark Depauw
  • Stefania De Vido
  • Silvia Evangelisti
  • Petra Hermankova
  • Aaron Hershkowitz
  • Marietta Horster
  • Valentina Mignosa
  • Jonathan Prag
  • Vincent Razanajao
  • Simona Stoyanova

Current goals in 2021

The working group is currently working on conceptually defining the ‘type of inscription’ to be better fit for the digital corpora of the 21st century, while building on the tradition and keeping the best and FAIR principles of the epigraphic discipline and the work done by the EAGLE Europeana project. If you would like to contribute to the discussion, we’ll be glad if you can join us! We meet at least twice a month on Fridays (16.00 CET) over Zoom.


Working group folder on Epigraphy-info’s Google Drive with meeting notes and other relevant documents

E-mail contact: