Release of the EDEp editor for active testing

Dear community of,

We are glad to finally release the EDEp editor for active testing:

In the section ‘Demo’ you will find examples of editions provided by us. In the section ‘Workspace’ you can create and save new entries in order to refer to them in your feedback. Note: you need to be logged in to save. The login credentials are:

Username: edep

Password: edep

Please test strictly, realistically and thoroughly as if you wanted to use the editor for your specific work. The testing period will last from today up to and including July 24th 2023. The duration of the test phase is deliberately kept manageable in order to enable concentrated and intensive testing before the summer break.

Suggestions for improvement and queries are kindly requested to this email address:

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation!

Kind regards,

David, Francisca, Jörn, Marietta, and Wolfgang